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Short Story Contest – What If?  

What if we had a chosen a different path in life? What if history had taken a different turn? What reality was radically different because of a change in our environment, background, or other element which affected our world’s development?

Our second short story contest is focused around the topic of “What if…?” The theme is open to interpretation, and we are looking for unusual voices or creative interpretations.


Short stories should be between 3,000 and 10,000 words. Stories should be stand-alone submissions (not part of larger work and the reader should understand the contents based on the information provided in the story) which have not previously been published.

Send submissions to: (Subject:Short Story Contest)

Contest Deadline: 30 Sept 2019


Finalists and winner will be chosen, notified, and published on our website with the option of having the stories included in our company annual which will be published at a later date.

Overall Winner: $250

Finalists: $50