The Rescue Project

With a heritage stretching back to World War II and a legacy cemented over Vietnam, USAF Combat Rescue Airmen have been at the center of combat operations in the post - 9/11 world. Often deployed as a precursor to the use of airpower, this small community was stretched to its breaking point in an effort to ensure every American and allied partner came home. The airmen who served this vital mission answered the call time and again.

                The Rescue Project will tell the story and share the experiences gained by Rescue since 2001. It is a combat anthology, comprised of the lessons learned from USAF Combat Rescue Airmen from war and at home. Designed around the concept of “bar talk”, the Rescue Project utilizes the narrative approach to both entertain and inform. Authored by seasoned combat veterans, this project takes the reader into the cockpit and on the ground in a way that only those who have been there can do. The stories unveil the good as well as the bad and unflinchingly extract lessons of universal value.

                A project forged in combat and worthy of the Rescue motto “These Things We Do - That Others May Live”, the Rescue Project stands out for its credibility and social value.

The Rescue Project is a collaborative anthology that provides lessons in leadership and life forged in combat while telling the story of USAF Combat Search and Rescue crews at war and at home since September 11, 2001.

The Rescue Project Approach

Introduction to the Rescue Project. A combat anthology under development that provides lessons learned through the combat experiences of USAF Combat Search and Rescue Airmen. @CookPublications




-          Air Force Combat Rescue legacy

-          Combat Rescue since 9/11

Inside the Mission: Combat Search and Rescue primer

Narrative Lessons

-          10 Life and Leadership lessons learned as told through a narrative approach by Combat Search and Rescue airmen

-          Chapter associated author bios


In Memorial

-          Combat Rescue airmen lost since 9/11

Air Force Combat Rescue Terminology