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We are an independent traditional publishing and content provider startup that focuses on new and emerging artists and writers. We want to help you develop your ideas and projects to their full potential through a team and crowd-sourcing approach. Collaboration and creativity across multiple media domains are our specialties.


Stephanie Cook

Publishing Director, Senior Partner

Stephanie Cook is a writing and English literature instructor with over a decade of experience teaching for multiple universities. She holds an MA in English Literature and uses her love of language to help others better express themselves in print. Stephanie is a lover of stories about people, their stories and struggles. Having lived and traveled all over the world, she understands that while we all have different stories to tell, those stories can connect us through shared experiences and create a community of writers and readers who embrace each other’s views and are enriched through the experiences of others.

Stephanie is also a wife and mother of two who has a passion for running and yoga as well as writing. She has run and placed in over 15 marathons around the world including her favorite, the Boston Marathon.


Russell “Bones” Cook

Operations Manager, Partner

Bones Cook is a career military officer with combat and operational experience around the globe. Having commanded and fought alongside of some of the most talented military operators in the world, he focuses on projects that tell the story of how people can impact the world, or just as importantly, the people around them. His favorite subjects are about disruption and change. Bones holds four master’s degrees ranging from business operations through national strategy and has been published in multiple print and online academic and trade venues.

Most importantly, Bones is a husband and father of two whose interests include conservation, hunting, fishing, and reading.

Join Our Team!

Cook Publishing is looking to hire new teammates for our upcoming projects. We are looking for talented, passionate teammates who are as excited about our projects as we are. We want teammates who are proud to be part of the project and want their name and work highlighted on social media, our website, and in the work itself. We prefer freelancers and small companies as well as other diverse teammates. New and emerging artists should apply!