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Cook Publishing is a traditional publisher committed to producing projects of the highest quality and standards.  Although built around the traditional publishing model, we are anything but traditional in our process. As an independent, we actively seek experimentation in both subjects and approaches.  This, along with an intentionally small number of publishing projects pursued annually, allows us to focus on our authors including emerging and developing artists like few other publishing companies can.  Collaboration and creativity across multiple media domains are our specialties.


            Develop and publish projects of the highest quality and social value


  • Develop original projects that provide social value through writing community engagement and collaboration with professionals.

  • Lead independent publishers by meeting, exceeding, and setting the highest publishing standards.

  • Actively seek experimental and creative approaches that push new boundaries.


  • We believe in the writing community. As such, we will operate with generosity of spirit to promote and assist the independent writing community to the maximum of our abilities

  • We actively seek opportunities to promote diversity in our projects

  • Every project will include a philanthropic element, focused on providing support to relevant organizations


Do you charge for services?

No, as a traditional publisher, we don’t have any fees or rates for services. We choose projects we want to be part of and invest in those projects to make them successful. We receive payment along with the author or authors in accordance with our sales share contract.

Do you accept submissions without agents?

Yes. Right now, Cook Publishing through Ops Check Books and Chatelain Press imprints are accepting unsolicited manuscripts from authors without agents. The decision to accept these are determined quarterly.

How many books do you publish a year?

We intentionally only publish a few books a year to maximize our ability to focus our expertise, energy, and resources on the projects that we feel inspired by the most. This also allows us to try new and experimental methods of marketing and production.

Will you do eBooks?

Ebooks are an integral part of the campaign plan we build for every project. There is no media domain that we do not look at and consider publishing within.

Why should I go with you instead of self-publish?

We greatly support independent authors self-publishing as it is an increasingly viable option fueled by new services from companies like Amazon and hybrid presses. However, publishing is a complex undertaking and, if done correctly, will require a lot of time and resources. Publishers allow you an opportunity to focus on writing while they leverage expertise to execute the litany of requirements necessary to publish a book of high quality. Instead of learning the ins and outs of publishing and marketing, traditional publishers do that for you as a teammate while authors can focus on writing.

Self-published authors tend to focus on royalty sales percentages impacted by publishing contracts and avoid traditional publishers in order to maintain the majority percentage of sales revenue earned. Although the percentage of sales revenue will decrease with a publisher, the total revenue earned when working with a traditional publisher is much higher on average than self publishing and hybrid presses. Just as successful companies consistently seek public offerings and sacrifice percentage stakes in their company to bring in outside investors and expertise, working with a traditional publisher can infuse the energy and resources needed to take your work to the next level.

Where are you located?

Digitally and globally, although we realize that is a frustrating non-answer. However, since we bring people together from literally all over the world to produce and market a project, we find marginal value in physical infrastructure. As a component of our lean startup concept, digital existence over physical existence allows us the freedom to pursue our start up goals of experimentation and generosity.

For tax and legal purposes, we are a United States based LLC registered out of the great State of Louisiana. But that answer is significantly less fun.          

Cook Publishing LLC is a Native American, Woman Owned Small Business