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Ops Check Books

Ops Check Books is a Cook Publishing imprint focused on producing quality historical and non-fiction publications in the military operations, national security, and leadership genres.


The Rescue Project

The Rescue Project is a collaborative anthology that provides lessons in leadership and life forged in combat while telling the story of USAF Combat Search and Rescue crews at war and at home since September 11, 2001.

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The Warfighter PROJECT

The Warfighter Project is an integration of popular fiction with the stories and experiences of real warfighters translated into existing genre.

Manuscript Submissions

Ops Check Books is reading submissions in the historical and lifestyle non-fiction genres of military operations, national security, and leadership.

Send submissions by email (Submissions@CookPubs.com) with the following information:

Author’s name and contact information

Agent’s name and contact information (if applicable)

Author’s biography

Manuscript synopsis (no more than 500 words) including the title and total word count

Any marketing information, anticipated sales data, or special information

The first chapter or a significant portion of the manuscript

 Expect a response within the first 30 days