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Plan – Don’t Just Schedule Your Publishing Project

In order to publish a quality project, you will have to smartly manage multiple developmental elements and obstacles, both expected and unexpected. Even on small projects, there will be numerous elements of collaboration, whether it’s with an editor, designer, or a larger group of artists and teammates. The process which you utilize to manage the project will determine how well you adapt to changes and the environment to find success. While it may seem like semantics at first, there is a significant difference between just scheduling a project and planning one.

The seminal difference between a plan and a schedule is that a plan recognizes linkages. The plan provides the foundational underpinnings and design behind the project’s approach, laying out how each element impacts the other. It also identifies critical junctures between the elements and the environment around it.

In contrast, a schedule ignores linkages, placing unrelated elements on a calendar in a linear fashion. Scheduling attaches the person or service to the task at a specific point in time and space. While unquestionably important, it is the most basic of functions and the impact of scheduling is limited without proper planning.

When combined, a schedule designed around a plan provides the most holistic approach for your project. The plan provides the overall design and identifies the most critical elements while the schedule synchronizes the elements across your staff and team.

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